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VIDEO: Lance Mountain


September 11, 2015

Buy Sexual Banned in Santa Barbara!


"County Staffer Takes Down ‘Offensive’ Art in Government Building" -


So good!!!




Limited edition signed prints available too

VIDEO: Lance Mountain

July 2015:


Shot some video with Christian Hosoi at the Huntington US Open



June 29, 2015

"Let the People Paint"

Painting with Special Needs Adults... I.P.S.


Went to IPS, painted with Adults with special needs.

Brought 6 stretcher bars... different sizes 24x24, 36x36, 48x48

Throwing paint and creating masterful pieces with the people at IPS...

Allowing those participating in the painting, to experience the joy, as well as the feelings one gets from painting and the happiness it can bring to people...


This is part of an ongoing project to bring Art Therapy to children, teenagers, and adults around the world.


In conjunction with Jillian Sorkin, Art Therapist/photographer, and I.P.S

May 2015:

Interviewed Jim Muir  for Juice Magazine

Unveiling High Noon in Houston

PHOTO: J.J. Straub

Oct 19, 2014


Unveiled "High Noon" Bronze Sculpture in Houston, Texas


Commissioned by Sally Bradford, of the City of Houston.

The High Noon sculpture is cast in Bronze, suspended in a 10,000

pd. 12 foot metal full pipe. Created in Los Angeles, sculpted in my

studio, casted in Oxnard, at Artistan Bronze. Transported to Houston, via

Scion loaner car program, (thank god the bronze fit in the lil box type car, perfectly, I might add) Full Pipe from local pipe company


High Noon represents the possibilities in Life, from going upside down, to making it a reality... using it as a metaphor, for what one can make happen in his/her life. Anything is possible, you just have to make it happen, that means,



Feb. 17, 2014


Completed, Installed and Unveiled "S.O.S" sculpture in Shreveport, LA.


The skate able sculpture was first realized in my studio, sometime about 2 to 3 yrs before I received the call from Brady Blades ( Board member of S.R.A.C.)

The idea was to make a Sculpture that was skate able. First and foremost it was a sculpture. Then the project was presented and awarded by S.R.A.C. ( Shreveport Regional Arts Council} Engineered, constructed, and designed with the help of Josh Porter, and Mitch Landry of SRAC, in the city of Shreveport, LA.


The original idea was to build a sculpture outta of thick pieces of wood, with metal edges, in order for kids to be able to skate a sculpture for the city of Shreveport, LA.