"High Noon"

Bronze On Metal Sculpture (2014)

60" x 144" 12,000 lbs

Houston, Texas

Commissioned by: City of Houston

Cast at Artisan Bronze, Oxnard, California

High Noon bronze sculpture was created by Steve Olson during early Fall 2014. It was unveiled October 19, 2014 in Houston, Texas.

PHOTO: J.J. Straub

"the "High Noon" sculpture is an important piece of public art because it connects a very traditional art form with youth - and it does it in a relevant space - Olson brings together his influences and interests and creates an unusually strong connection between the old and the new"


Barry Blumenthal

P.U.S.H., Texas.

PHOTOS: Dan Levy


"HIGH NOON" Bronze Sculpture - Sculpt, Cast and installation images

Unveiling High Noon in Houston