PHOTO: Robbie Jeffers

Steve Olson is an Artist, Sculptor and Humanist based in Los Angeles, California.



Steve Olson’s work confronts and undermines the way society constructs and imposes a traditional hierarchy of cultural values and meanings by critiquing contemporary society and our relationship with it. He explores power and the way economic and social forces exert that power by shaping the identities of individuals and culture.


Questioning the nature and extent of our freedom, Olson’s art challenges our acquiescence to authority and conventional thought. Bold imagery, layered texture, deconstructed material and a playful relationship between Art, language and meaning infuses his thoughtful assemblies, paintings and sculptures with a dimension beyond their visual impact.


Steve’s aesthetic gives contemporary art a juvenile delinquent phase. Its self-made style icons gleefully trashing conventions of beauty and society while pick-pocketing from the coolest underground styles and beliefs of the precious centuries...


Collected by individuals, corporations and museums nationally and internationally, Steve's work has been exhibited in Prague, Germany, at the Venice Biennale in Italy, in France and America.











June 5 thru June 10 2011

Aug. 5 to Oct 1 2011

June 15 thru Oct 28 2012

2012 - 2013

2013 - 2014




Painting & Assembly



54th Venice Biennale, Italy    “Venice in Venice”    Works in Motion

Nye Haus - New York   “Olson, Olson, Recine & Ass.”

Museum of Design Atlanta  Skate it or Hang it”

City of Shreveport, Louisiana  - Mixed Materials Sculpture “SOS“

City of Houston, Texas  - Bronze Sculpture “High Noon”


There are too many shows to list here - In the meantime some recent highlights...

'12 Museum of Design, Atlanta

PHOTO: Todd Vaught

'11 Venice Biennale

PHOTO: Unknown

'12 Hadid, LA

PHOTO: Michael Bezjian

'09 Bowery, NYC

PHOTO: Phillip Lara